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Megan Stuart

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Megan Stuart

Looking for a property manager in Melbourne to minimise vacancies and maximise returns on your investment property?
With so many Melbourne property managers to choose from, it’s hard to know which one will be the right fit. Engaging a professional property manager that’s calm, and super professional ensures owning an investment property becomes a joy, never a headache.
As an experienced property manager and fully licensed estate agent, Megan builds strong relationships to give you the best results.
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Are you an Investor?

Engaging a property manager to look after your investment property, should give you peace of mind. High quality property management is much more than just talking about delivering service.
As the sole property manager of your property, you always have a direct relationship with Megan. And the best thing Megan’s clients like?
She delivers on promises that other property managers just talk about. Her trademark is her ability to build strong relationships through flexibility, exceptional customer service, attention to detail, life experience and a thorough understanding of legislation.
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"Having known Megan for some time, I had no hesitation in handing over our investment property portfolio to her to manage. Megan’s professionalism, honesty, depth of service and attention to detail is, and always has been exceptional. It’s great to finally have a property manager who values our business in the manner it deserves – something that has always been lacking with traditional real estate agencies who seem to be more interested in selling our properties rather than managing them."
Paul Marcolin, property investor
"I couldn't be happier with Megan. She swiftly had good tenants for my property and was faultless in all aspects of the procedure. A truly top performance from this totally professional lady."
Ian Cook, property investor

10 Essential Questions
when choosing a Property Manager

A professional, successful property manager does more than find tenants for your property. They are your eyes and ears to ensure your investment property is looked after with diligence, care and integrity.
But finding and choosing the right property manager to manage your investment property can be hard!
To help you get the right property manager, we have taken out some of the guesswork with these 10 Essential Questions.
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